Monday, June 2, 2008

Business. Enhance. Strategy. Improve. Long-Term. Delivery. Integrated. Management. Approach. Assessment. Process. Competency. Convergence. Efficiency. Value Chain. Dynamic. Solution. Value Proposition.

I have no idea what these words mean. But I can throw in a few adjuncts and string them together to describe what I do for a living. Guess what I do for a living. Yours will be as good as mine.

Delivery of long-term business strategy, coupled with an Integrated management approach towards process competency and Delivery convergence, together with a strategic approach towards knowledge management and improvement of inherent value chain inefficiencies.

In more civilized times, a man was either a farmer, a cobbler, a carpenter, a soldier or a baker. More often than not, you could tell what he did for a living just by looking at him. But these days, people no longer mend shoes or grow paddy or dispense justice. No. Instead, they model process flows, they map converging strategic competencies and work out integrated dynamic solutions that enhance the business value. So if you don't keep up with the changing times, you'd never be able to guess a person's profession by looking at him.

I once met a guy on a train. He was carrying a laptop, so I asked him if he was an IT consultant. He seemed genuinely hurt by that. After I told him how sorry I was, he told me that he was in fact a Change management agent dealing with post-production implementation discrepancies. I was then in the business of selling trucks, and if someone asked me what I did, I'd first ask them if they are in the business of selling trucks. If they said yes, I would say "I sell trucks, too". And if they said no, i would patiently explain to them saying "I sell trucks."

Gone are those days. I now deal with Business Process Management, and I model process flows and harvest business policies, enabling organisations to deal more efficiently with long term strategy by enhancing the value proposition of service offerings. Yeah. That's what you'd think if you looked at me.