Monday, June 2, 2008

Absurd Inventions - part 1 of many

Before toilet paper was invented, people were using corncobs and squirrels for the purpose. But the face tissue was already in use even BEFORE the toilet paper was patented, so why didn't they just use the face tissue instead? Hygiene could not have been an issue. If its clean enough to wipe your face with, its clean enough for pretty much everything else. And besides, its definitely an improvement over a dead squirrel's tail.

The guy who patented the rolled, pre-moistened toilet tissue called it "Medicated paper", and he insisted that his name be printed on every ply. Medicated, hmm...

btw, Here is a list of things that people used before TP was invented.

Mussel shell
Coconut shells
Lace (guess who used lace - the French!)
This one walks away with the cake...Sponge soaked in brine, attached to the end of a long stick (The ancient Romans)
Wool and rosewater
Hemp (!!!!)
Snow and moss (the Eskies)