Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Undefuckingcipherables - Part 1 of many

I am going to make a list of all the words and phrases that I find ridiculous, funny, irritating or just plain dumb. There is so much dumb shit that I hear everyday that it is impossible for me to remember everything right now, so I am going to call this list "undefuckingcipherables", and I'll add more words and phrases to it later. You can contribute, too.

I hear this one very often: "You can't even mention Bachchan and SRK in the same breath" What shit? ~breathes in~ "Bachchan SRK" ~breathes out. There, dumbshits, I just did it.

There is a variation to this one. "Bachchan is so much better than SRK that you cannot even mention them both in the same sentence.

Appearances I dont care about. Accents I can forgive, but when someone talks dumbfucking nonsense like this, I do tend to blow my lid off. Now, I dont give two pellets of rat droppings about Bachchan, and I'd sooner die a slow and painful death after sawing off my arms and legs than watch another SRK publicity stunt.

There. Same sentence.

I just proved you wrong, numbnuts! Die in shame.