Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Some things about the universe I've never been able to comprehend...

If the dog in the manger is asleep, would you complain?

Why do they call an easy target a sitting duck? Its not as if standing ducks can easily out-manoeuvre cheetas. They are not even brisk swimmers. Can ducks sit?

Why doesnt our moon have a name?

When people say "Can I ask you something?", is that a trick question?

Why dont we ever see obese lions or tigers?

Isn't agriculture the worst ever thing to happen to us? Imagine how long the lunch hour would be if we'd had to go out and hunt down zebras for food!

If dinosaurs hadn't become extinct, would they have made good pets? Would we have seen dino-food commercials?

Would temples in Kerala have had Mastodons? Would we have seen Butter-Dodo, Dodo-65 and Tandoori Dodo on menus?

Why do cats fight with dogs but play games with mice? Whom then, will the mice play with if the cat is away?

What would you call a person living in Andaman & Nicobar? An Andamanan and Nicobaran?